Mid-Term Assignment

Your mid-term paper is due electronically by the start of class on Wednesday, March 7. Email to: julia.goldberg@santafeuniversity.edu

Hard copies will be accepted, but electronic versions are preferred. Please submit as a word document, and not as a PDF.

Late papers will not be accepted.

Length: 800-1,000 words

Topic: Please analyze one of the essays we have read so far this semester in The Touchstone Anthology, using at least two elements of the techniques of nonfiction as discussed in our craft readings and classroom discussions.

Paper Criteria:

This analysis should include:

• specific examples of the techniques as well as an explanation of how the use of these techniques bolsters the essay’s ideas, theme and story.

• citation from our readings in Tell It Slant regarding nonfiction writing, as well as our other craft readings so far this semester.

Typing/Format of Assignments:

• All papers should follow MLA style for in-text citation and Works Cited Page

For assistance with MLA citation, please check out Fogelson Library’s primer.

• All assignments must be typed, and use the following guidelines:

• Please use the same font throughout the paper: either Times, Ariel or Courier, 12 point

• Leave a one-inch margin on both sides of the paper; justify the left side and leave the right ragged

• Double-space

• One space between words; one space between sentences

• Indent each paragraph with a tab or one-half inch

Papers will be graded according to the following criteria:

• complexity of ideas: your ability to understand and communicate about the ideas of memoir and the particular essay discussed within this assignment

• literary terms: your demonstration of understanding of the techniques we’ve been discussing

• structure and organization: the paper’s cohesion as a whole, as well as transitions between paragraphs and sentences

• writing mechanics: grammar, spelling and adherence to the style requirements of the assignment